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At the dawn of Variation Design, a daring dream: To provide all wearers with high aesthetic and technical answer.


Today, Dominique Varlet dresses all eyes, from the star of the schoolyard, to the businesswoman concerned with fashion detail, through the fashionista student or the trendy grandpa freshly retired.


In this huge diversity, all styles agree around this creative melody, constantly renewed.

A passion


Today our big family is composed of more than 25 people! All proud to hold high our collections!


"Creativity is our biggest power today."

 Dominique VARLET 


Creative collections 

The V. Design collection encourages people to see life in colors, and it's made with the heart.  Amaze, captivate, seduce, create emotion... to catch the eye! These are our inspirations behind this new V.Design collection. 

Directed and supervised by Dominique Varlet, the designers are delighted to offer you a wide range of new models. All shapes are represented, and the color palettes chosen affirm each personality and style.

V.Design Collection


"It is not because children believe in fairy tales that they must be the fifth wheel of the carriage. Driven by a passion for design and color, the French brand Variation Design reconnects with its inner child through Variation Design KID’S & TEENS, a collection dedicated to children and teenagers. With a refreshing twist to the V.Design colorful & creative glasses, the youngster’s range is all but naive: little ones love the world they see through these lenses."

 Lunettes Originales


" After childhood teenagers still need codes with which to identify and at the same time require singular traits to affirm their individuality. With new metal frames Variation Design revamps classical models with an original touch. The frames come in a sensible selection of golden, silver or chromed shades, and are topped with a touch of colorful epoxy." 

 Lunettes Originales



" Each frame is unique. We focus on details,

colors and materials. "

 Dominique VARLET 


BOVELO presents models with discreet design, recognizable thanks to the balanced color keys that underline the volumes.



  • Paris 

  • Munich 

  • Milan 

  • New York 

  • HongKong

The company has been actively involved since 2008 in optical trade shows such as SILMO in Paris, OPTI in Munich and VISION EXPO in New York. On an elegant booth, open to the world, the VARIATION DESIGN team welcomes customers and prospects for an exclusive presentation of the new collections and the know-how of the designers, also available to discuss their ideation process. VARIATION DESIGN is today internationally renowned for his designs.

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